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Terms and Conditions

To ensure smooth business transactions between the shipper, referred to as any person or entity accessing the site and uses the serviced offered and XOOMEXPRESS the below terms and conditions must be read and clearly understood.

In the below T&C the following terminologies are used:

  • "We" or "Our" or "Us" or “company” means XOOMEXPRESS which offers consolidation and repackaging services as detailed below.

  • “Services” refers to the consolidation and repackaging services offered by XOOMEXPRESS

  • “Shipping to your XOOMEXPRESS US Address” or “US Address” refers to XOOMEXPRESS warehouse address provided to you the customer at the time of successful registration

  • “Products” refers to the any merchandise, goods, parcels that the user has purchased online on any retailer.

  • Site refers to XOOMEXPRESS website accessible via URL link


  1. Registration

    • When the user agrees to register, it is likewise agreed that:

      • The user information will solely be used for marketing purposes where the company may regularly send newsletters containing online sales/marketing promotions, promotions to any rates to XOOMEXPRESS services etc. If the customer doesn’t wish to receive such newsletters, the user has the option to opt out.

      • The user information will NOT be shared in any way to any third-party company or whatsoever.

    • The user must also agree that the US address provided by XOOMEXPRESS is solely for the user of receiving packages purchased by the user online.

  2. Site Usage

    • You agree with XOOMEXPRESS’ security verification process

    • The site doesn’t guarantee any sale/promotion published as the final application of such sale/promotion will always be approved and applied upon checkout specific to the US online retailer accessed from. The site only provides a collection of current sales/promotions also published by the retailer, and the site is merely a collection of such.

    • It is also the responsibility of user to follow-up with each online retailer with regards to his purchases and the status of the delivery, as the company’s responsibility starts upon receipt and processing of the goods at our US warehouse.

  3. Charges and Estimates

    • It must be agreed that the site Shipping Calculator is ONLY an estimate and is only designed to provide a high-level estimate. It is when XOOMEXPRESS provides a written Shipment Quotation that contains the actual shipment cost will be considered FINAL.

    • If any additional special handling costs is deemed necessary by the company at the time of consolidation and repackaging, the user will be duly informed and without clearing of such special handling cost, the shipment will be put on hold. The company will make every attempt to declare all special handling cost at the time of submitting the shipment quotation to the user.  

  4. Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

    • We are not responsible for any errors of the online stores in fulfillment of orders or otherwise. User will have to make the needed arrangements with the online stores for any returns, refunds or exchange of items directly in accordance with the online store's terms and policies, including their policies on who will shoulder the return fees.

    • We do not facilitate any exchanges. We will facilitate the return delivery of item(s) ordered from the merchant while the goods are still at the User's U.S. Delivery Address. Applicable return charges apply.

  5. Restricted/Prohibited items

    • If the product is deemed restricted and Prohibited under articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), any applicable government department or other relevant organization e.g. U.S. Export Controls. These items are but not limited to the following:

      • Currency

      • Precious Metals

      • Precious Stones

      • Fire Arms/Ammunitions

      • Money Orders

      • Drugs

      • Explosives/To Guns

      • Traveler's Check

      • Perishables

      • Negotiable instruments in bearer form; Electrical Appliances; Lewd, obscene, or pornographic materials: Gambling Paraphernalia:

      • Industrial carbons and diamonds; Communication Equipment and Computers; Combustible materials; Motor Vehicle parts; Microwave Ovens; Property the carriage of which is prohibited by law, regulation or statue of any federal, state or local government of any country from, to or through which the shipment may be carried.

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