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XOOMEXPRESS offers AIR and SEA Cargo
SEA Cargo
JUMBO Sized Balikbayan Box for your personal shopping...
If it fits we will ship it with a flat rate ...
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Click CARGO ZONING to determine the zone your cargo belongs to....



XOOMEXPRESS base rate for AIR CARGO is $6.99/lb. When calculating for the AIR Cargo rate we compare the Actual Weight(in lbs) versus the Volume Weight and choose whichever is higher to be the actual AIR LCL Cargo Rate. The above rate is for Metro Manila delivery address only, outside Metro Manila and provincial addresses will have a different rate. We also change a flat rate of $10.00 door to door delivery fee within Metro Manila Call us for more information. 

Special handling fees apply depending on the item to be shipped and its declared value. AIR Cargo Items with special handling will have a base rate of $8.99/lb

Volume weight is the calculation of the Actual Volume in inches (Length x Width x Height) / 166 (dimensional factor weight factor).

For more information on how AIR LCL Cargo rates are estimated and calculated please go to the Shipping Estimator Page. 



Loose Cargo Loads (LCL) are parcels which doesn't fit or is bigger than our JUMBO Balikbayan box which is 24" x 18" x 24" in dimensions. Rates for these types of parcels are calculated based on the volume (Length x Width x Height) and the destination of the parcel. For more details on how to calculate Ocean LCL rates, please go to the Shipping Estimator page for more details. 

What typically counts as loose cargo are the following:

1.  Large appliances like (TV, Washer/Dryer, etc)

2. Furniture

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