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Shipping Estimator

The rates calculated by our Shipping Estimator is ONLY to provide our customers with an estimate of what the Shipping Cost will be depending on the weight and dimensions (Length, Width and Height) of the parcel using our preferred vendor World International Cargo Transfer USA (WICTUSA), if you have your own preferred courier, let us know and we will recalculate the rate.

Actual rates will be provided by XOOMEXPRESS once the customer has provided the GO signal to ship, and XOOMEXPRESS has already done consolidation and re-packing of the items for a more optimal rate calculation. 

Note, that some items are liable for special handling which will be broken down in the price quote that XOOMEXPRESS will officially quote our customer. 

Please contact XOOMEXPRESS for a more tailored quote for your package.


Don't know the actual weight and dimensions of your package? No problem see our Frequently shipped items catalog.

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