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How does XOOMEXPRESS work?

  1. Sign up on XoomExpress, to get your FREE XOOMEXPRESS Account. You will be receiving a confirmation email with instructions on how to have your goods shipped to our California Warehouse.

  2. Shop till you drop at your favorite Online Retailer, at checkout, just don’t forget to attach your Name, and our US warehouse address to have your purchase delivered to our warehouse for processing. 

  3. XOOMEXPRESS will send you notification emails that your product has been received for processing.

What XOOMEXPRESS does when we get your products:

  1. Once your package arrives at our warehouse, we will process your package and send you a confirmation email containing the details of your product and photos ensuring that they are in good shape. Continue shopping, you have 35 days to shop for everything you want. 

  2. When you are ready to ship, log-in to your xoomexpress account and send us a shipment request by filling up the shipment request form within your "my account" portal, XOOMEXPRESS will then consolidate and provide you with an estimate of the most optimal handling and shipping cost based on your preferred shipping method, address and courier via email. 

  3. Once you agree with the estimate provided, we will send you an invoice which will contain a secure payment link where you can securely input your electronic payment method. Once payment is confirmed . SIT BACK and RELAX while we do the rest. Your package will be shipped via our preferred vendor World International Cargo Transfer USA(WICTUSA), if you have your preferred vendor, let us know and we will make it happen.  

  4. Once the Shipment has been dispatched we will send you regular email notifications containing the status of your shipment

Depending on what mode of shipping was chosen, your shipment will be delivered to your front door in 10 days via Air Cargo and 45 days via Sea Cargo. For destinations outside of Metro Manila and LUZON, contact us for a more accurate transit time.

Your local credit card doesn’t work, NO problem use our SHOP FOR ME service, how does it work?

  1. Visit XOOMEXPRESS.COM and create a free account complete with your contact details

  2. Wait for a confirmation email that contains related instructions on how to have your goods shipped to our warehouse.

  3. Browse our XOOMEXPRESS.COM site to see any active sale/promotion on your favorite US Online Retail Stores. If your favorite online store is not there, let us know and feel free to shop and browse directly to them.  

  4. Send us an email with the list of all the products you wish to purchase online.

    • Product Name

    • URL of Product

    • Unit Price

    • Qty

    • Color (if applicable)

    • Size (if applicable)

    • Other instructions such as promo codes (if applicable)

    • Date/Time for which XOOMEXPRESS will contact you to proceed with the online purchase

  5. A convenience fee of 8% will be added on top of the total purchase amount. 

  6. At checkout for the SHOP FOR ME purchases, your name will still be recorded in the shipping details of the order.

  7. Once the customers payment method is accepted, XOOMEXPRESS SHOP FOR ME will finalize the purchase.

  8. XOOMEXPRESS SHOP FOR ME will send a confirmation email to the customer confirming the purchase attaching the receipts obtained from the purchase/s .

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