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We the founders of XOOMEXPRESS all have big FILIPINO roots presently in the Philippines. One way or the other we have all been asked by our family and friends to purchase their favorite merchandises online here in the US, and have them either shipped or hand carried to the Philippines. We love doing them as it brings a big SMILE when they finally receive them. However, there are times when our busy day to day lives in the US, get in the way of bringing that big SMILE to our family and friends. For that reason alone, of not seeing that big SMILE 😊 we established XOOMEXPRESS.

XOOMEXPRESS is a drop-ship fulfillment center that provides receiving, consolidation and packing services complete with customer support to aid and assist online shoppers from the Philippines get their favorite merchandises in the USA straight to their address in the Philippines and finally have them carry that big SMILE once they see their purchases.




We the founders of XOOMEXPRESS has been since 1998 in the Cargo and Freight forwarding business with our company WORLD INTERNATIONAL CARGO TRANSFER USA, with the best practice and the experience that we have with this industry we assure our customers of the following:

  • Reliable and Fast Shipments

  • Very Competitive Shipping and Handling Rates

  • A personal shopping and shipping experience

  • Complete Customer Service available to you when you need it

It is with XOOMEXPRESS that we pride ourselves in bringing you the US ONLINE Retail shopping experience and perks, direct to your doorstep hassle-free. We therefore pride ourselves in our tagline, “Kuyang, dito makakasigurado ka !!!.”

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